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This is pretty cool.

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Fiona Apple - "Hot Knife" Official Music Video) - YouTube

The video is almost distracting, but listen with headphones on. The rhythm is amazing.

(And in case this makes you feel like you just need more Fiona, here: http://youtu.be/u09s0uz0tEU . The video you may enjoy is the “Not about love” one ;) )
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Malala and Nabila: worlds apart

"Symbolic of the utter contempt in which the government holds the people it claims to be liberating, while the Rehmans recounted [to Congress how they had been attacked by a Predator drone], Barack Obama was spending the same time meeting with the CEO of weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin.”

I know this article was floating around (or rather, reposted by many people I know) after Malala was awarded the Nobel. (So crazy, still, to know that happened!) But I’m only reading it now. And more than the use of drones, even, which is terrible enough usually on its own, it is the response of the members of the Congressional hearing, and this bit about what Obama was doing, that makes my blood boil. 

At the congressional hearing where they gave testimony, only five out of 430 representatives showed up.

Why? Honestly, why? I really want to know. 

This is a bit of a ranty tangent, but I’m really done with everyone saying hateful things about Malala. And I suppose I’m somewhat happy to learn that at least some of them (who have been critical for the past few years) have decided that their doing so was largely a rhetorical move, to point out inconsistencies and flaws in US policy. Maybe this is what they were doing from the start. I don’t know. But we need to figure out ways to be a hell of a lot kinder when we’re talking about kids. All kids. Including the ones in the spotlight. 

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Don’t ask why I’m still on them (I do have a reason), but I’m thinking I should unsubscribe from every ny mailing list that is somehow still sending me email because otherwise I get messages like this and just want to be like — byebye law school!! Too many other things to learn! http://thecommonsbrooklyn.org/civicrm/event/info?id=12761&reset=1

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What do one-third of the world's female prisoners have in common?

Hint: it’s not the colour of their uniforms.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think I could be a public defender/work in ‘criminal’ defense, but among them is the ever-increasing feeling I have that the crime(s) that put the majority of people in jail are preventable, and prevention looks more like economic justice and less like seclusion in a prison or jail. The “drugs” section of this piece speaks to that a little.

I think they could+should have spent a little more time on the mini-para where they mention that the children of convicted people are more likely to commit a crime — I assume their previous para about poor state support and the terrible foster care system is meant to give background, but they should have spelled out the inferences, to not sound so conclusory.

Actually, this whole piece is pretty weak on the analysis, but I appreciated it for its facts…

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No Longer Extraordinary: court dress



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I like black girls. I don’t like Asian girls, or white girls.

Said by a white man, last night.

And he’s English, so Asian applies to the whole continent. Seriously, how is this not just…utterly dehumanizing? Oh wait, it *is*!

(Edit: sorry, it’s so gross I can’t even stand having it up there without the strikethrough. Edit 2. Obviously he studies “medieval” and European intellecutal history. Obviously. … actually, not so obviously, and it’s still a gross thing to have said.)

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Why, foolish woman, would you read the news before you’re supposed to be go to sleep? Especially if it’s already an hour after you were supposed to be asleep?

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I’ve always loved Meera Sethi’s colourful and unique work but her ‘Upping the Aunty’ project really changed the game. 

'Upping the Aunty' celebrates the South Asian “aunty”; her personal style and unique role in our lives. Meera flips the script on street style, by focusing her lens on aunties with swag. 

Here are some of the awesome Auntys you can find on the Tumblr page

1. Unknown Swag Aunty - Photo: Vivek Shraya

2. Rita Aunty - Photo: Meera Sethi

3. Gunalaxsmi Aunty - Photo: Meera Sethi

4. Sita Aunty - Photo: Meera Sethi

Meera is on the lookout for contributors to the project, so If you have an aunty whose style you love, send a new or vintage photo (with your aunty’s permission) over to art@meerasethi.com!

- S

Am loving ‘unknown swag aunty’

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You know when you wish something was a joke, but it’s not? It actually felt even worse to watch this video than I expected. 

I wish there was a little more context for viewers around where this is (New York?) - but that’s pretty much it. Little mirror article is here; unclear why they’re the ones who posted it…

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Things that keep me from dissolving into a bundle of stress.

Things that keep me from dissolving into a bundle of stress.

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The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor : Planet Money : NPR

I am trying to figure this out a little, but I presume then that all the lawyers I know making *less* than 103k annually make up such a small segment (ie are not very highly represented) in that bracket that they don’t feature on the graph?

It is also interesting to me (I guess) that primary school teachers - by contrast, also - appear in *five* different income brackets. I wonder what accounts for that spread. And, as always, tables like this leave me wondering - not in a cynical way, either - about the nature of money and wealth: where it comes from, what these disparities show about social values (this one is less difficult to answer)—but also the *reason(s)* behind the highest salaries—and what it would really, genuinely look like (in terms of industries, manufacturing, food production/access/delivery — all these production-side elements?) to have, or get to, a more equitable country. Both here and elsewhere.

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18 Things Actually Said To Witnesses In Court.

I probably shouldn’t have been eating while I read this,  because I nearly choked. I get that some of them are intentional, but they’re still hilarious. 

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As a lady, one would thus be exempt?! High-res

As a lady, one would thus be exempt?!

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I mean, I’m all for South-South solidarity, but this is taking it to a new geographical extreme! High-res

I mean, I’m all for South-South solidarity, but this is taking it to a new geographical extreme!