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A Letter From Ray Jasper, Who Is About to Be Executed

An interesting letter to be sure- I particularly think his discussion of prisons in the US as an ‘business’ is interesting, in that it’s something I knew about vaguely but not specifically.

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Cookie Monsters


Did you know the girl scouts are bringing down our civilization? Turning our daughters into promiscuous, devil-fueled skank monsters!

These big-hearted patriots are INSISTING we BOYCOTT the Girl Scouts because they endorse pro-choice politicians like Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius. What’s…


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BRILLIANT. This song goes on the soundtrack to my life slash on the OST of the imaginary movie about me. 

It will also henceforth be a good reminder. 

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(best of) Li Na’s 2014 Australian Open victory speech

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-uVsj2pJDo

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A child's right to die?

Have had many half-thoughts on this for a long time, especially in/since my time at mundo real. But I can’t stop thinking about this piece, or even really figure out how to think about it. Looking forward to talking to others with clearer perspectives.

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love the word-play/almost-punning. All these words with almost-same sounds, but such different meanings. What’s the device? Doesn’t matter. :)

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It’s not creepy to talk about what you want from your life, no matter how much other people want to make you believe that. Don’t ever design your life around the need NOT to be That Woman. Because our culture makes every fucking one of us into That Woman. We are That Woman when we refuse to take whatever is dished out at work, without complaint. We are That Woman when we cry at some moment deemed inappropriate by someone without a fucking soul who’s incapable of feeling human emotions in the first place. We are That Woman when we live alone and we adopt a cat, because we fucking like cats. We are That Woman whenever we dare to behave like regular human beings. Most of the good things in my life came out of being That Woman.

Heather Havrilesky (via Doree)

How could I have forgotten Ask Polly?? Also, this is a very good, very poignant, reminder. Ahh.

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Texted Kendrick this tonight: (Just kidding, my mom wrote me the most adorable e-mail again and I share everything with you strangers as is my nature/art so here):

U shd not be sad u doing what u like when u miss us just talk to us I miss u also but I never sad .u so away from me I do get…

Sisterbrother read this. 

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Long distance relationships

It won’t let me embed the video for some reason.

This made me all emotional-like. 

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Basically, what I fear :P

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In case their was any doubt that we are, in fact, related

"One of these flight attendants smells *fantastic*. I want to curl up in his jacket."

Apparently this is a beautiful article. I can make neither heads nor tails of it (I forgot I don’t speak french….).”

I may have said very similar things before. It might have taken me until chapter two of the book to realize I don’t actually read Spanish. Lord help us both.

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Oh my goodness, I hadn’t even realized a song (ok most of it, not all of it) could bring together this many things that I like. This heart is getting warmed. 

BA, if you see this, did you make it?

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I used to think you were average looking, sometimes even ugly, but I was looking at a few of your pictures, and now I think you’re attractive.

Someone said this to me. In real life. Over the phone. And it was meant as a compliment.

It actually happened two weeks ago, and I just remembered it last night. It was one of those moments where I was so happy and grateful I was not 16 or 17 because I would then have been devastated whereas at this point in my life I first thought this was hilarious, and then was like - uh, wth? No. Child, you are too young, and too foolish. And either you’ve read The Game and need to get a grip, or you just need some assistance. I told a few friends, and one of the best reactions was,

They need so much training.” 

The second best was thus:

dude, mr. darcy happened once. and it was all the world needed.

"she is tolerable, i suppose. not enticing enough to tempt me."

-mr. d on lizzy in early chapter. see where that went.