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Lochan Rijal, “Paurakhi”. It’s from just over a year ago, and I love it. Today was the first day of law school, very far from the places shown anywhere on this video, and this is a nice way to begin the night. I also really like this song, but the video is a bit odd in parts.

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A Letter From Ray Jasper, Who Is About to Be Executed

An interesting letter to be sure- I particularly think his discussion of prisons in the US as an ‘business’ is interesting, in that it’s something I knew about vaguely but not specifically.

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Cookie Monsters


Did you know the girl scouts are bringing down our civilization? Turning our daughters into promiscuous, devil-fueled skank monsters!

These big-hearted patriots are INSISTING we BOYCOTT the Girl Scouts because they endorse pro-choice politicians like Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius. What’s…


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BRILLIANT. This song goes on the soundtrack to my life slash on the OST of the imaginary movie about me. 

It will also henceforth be a good reminder. 

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(best of) Li Na’s 2014 Australian Open victory speech

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-uVsj2pJDo

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A child's right to die?

Have had many half-thoughts on this for a long time, especially in/since my time at mundo real. But I can’t stop thinking about this piece, or even really figure out how to think about it. Looking forward to talking to others with clearer perspectives.

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love the word-play/almost-punning. All these words with almost-same sounds, but such different meanings. What’s the device? Doesn’t matter. :)

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Round up no. 2

(Have looked back at the list to follow and realise this is all stuff that is very peripheral to the actual football. But I do not know if you are internet-engaged enough football wise to see all this, whereas the football you can watch fairly easily, so you’re getting it anyway)

First! A beard quiz, mostly because (as you can see by the screen shot) I did astoundingly well on this and would like to brag.


Not strictly WC2014, but featuring two of Japan’s midfielders- I found this hysterical. I think you might too


And in a rapid about-face of emotion, a piece about Ibisevic’s childhood and Bosnia and Herzgovina. Seriously emotion-sapping, so be warned- and also graphic early on. Really, really good though. Now that they’re done playing Argentina, I reckon its B&H all the way. (Am inclined to think that if I’d read this before that game, I would have been pulling for them to win from the start)


You know I’m sad to see Spain go…and you know how I feel about the Netherlands. But whatever happens I’m definitely pro this dude.


This is a bit cringeworthy but reminds me why I like Casillas- watch him have a laugh with the assistant ref to make him feel better about the blunder. (Also just now remembered him telling the ref to blow up in the final against Italy and….o’ Iker…)


Italy v England in lego (that’s really all there is to say)


Neymar and race in Brazil. A lot of nuance that I don’t understand (I don’t think reading one article is going to give me any real degree of insight into how race is perceived in Brazil)….but interesting nonetheless. Makes me think a little about how much his thoughts may have changed since moving to Brazil, and whether that impacted the weareallmonkeys thing that him and Dani launched. (I struggle a little with the tone of this though in a way that I can’t describe in written words)


From the USA-Ghana match: 1. John Brooks scores, and can’t handle the emotion. I can’t handle that. 2. This fan…seriously, this fan.



And finally: when men’s football is everywhere, I feel like it’s important to remember how much still has to be done in the women’s game. An interesting article about the women’s game in Brazil, in particular about the guerreiras project.


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Texted Kendrick this tonight: (Just kidding, my mom wrote me the most adorable e-mail again and I share everything with you strangers as is my nature/art so here):

U shd not be sad u doing what u like when u miss us just talk to us I miss u also but I never sad .u so away from me I do get…

Sisterbrother read this. 

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Long distance relationships

It won’t let me embed the video for some reason.

This made me all emotional-like. 

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Basically, what I fear :P

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In case their was any doubt that we are, in fact, related

"One of these flight attendants smells *fantastic*. I want to curl up in his jacket."

Apparently this is a beautiful article. I can make neither heads nor tails of it (I forgot I don’t speak french….).”

I may have said very similar things before. It might have taken me until chapter two of the book to realize I don’t actually read Spanish. Lord help us both.

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Oh my goodness, I hadn’t even realized a song (ok most of it, not all of it) could bring together this many things that I like. This heart is getting warmed. 

BA, if you see this, did you make it?